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Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation is a leading provider of drug and alcohol services for Aboriginal people in North West NSW. We run an established residential rehabilitation service near Brewarrina as well as the Weigelli & Orana Haven Hub Project in Bourke, Walgett and Forbes where we are responsible for the delivery of culturally-appropriate case management to Aboriginal clients and their families experiencing substance misuse and dependence. It is an initiative of the Aboriginal communities of the Murdi Paaki/Orana Region of NSW in response to the need for a safe, understanding and culturally sensitive sanctuary for Aboriginal people whose lives were being destroyed through the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Facility

Orana Haven began operating in Brewarrina in 1982 on the site of the old mission. Funding from State and Federal Government agencies enabled the expansion and relocation of Orana Haven to the village of Gongolgon on the Bogan River, south of Brewarrina.

Now occupying a 10 hectare property, Orana Haven employs a full-time staff of ten people and provides rehabilitation for an average of 150 to 200 people each year. Although many of Orana Haven’s clients are from the local Aboriginal community, its rehabilitation program is also open to non-Aboriginal people. Its peaceful location on the river allows Orana Haven to encourage clients to re-engage in cultural activities as part of their rehabilitation program, including fishing, hunting, painting, tool making and other types of art work.

Our Services

Clients who come to Orana Haven receive care, support and guidance to help make difficult and profound lifestyle changes. And the treatment works. A wide range of services refer clients—for example, local hospitals, Aboriginal medical services, alcohol and other drugs treatment services, and probation and parole services.

For most it’s their first real chance to gain some sanity and balance in their lives. Typically residents stay for a minimum of three months during which time they learn about community, making healthy choices, putting order into their lives and what it means to have personal responsibility.

At Orana Haven they have the chance to build their self esteem and prepare to rejoin their communities as healthier, happier and more productive individuals. Health checks are carried out by Brewarrina Aboriginal Medical Service, the Triple P Positive Parenting Program has facilities on site, Bourke Health Service facilitates an anger management group and the Murdi Paaki drug and alcohol network conduct education groups. These are just a few of Orana Haven’s local area partnerships. "There's no doubt about the value of the service Orana Haven provides" says the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Anthony Beven, "or the strong support it receives from the local community. Orana Haven also provides Outreach and Support Services through the Weigelli-Orana Haven Hub Project.

The Weigelli-Orana Haven Hub Project

The Weigelli- Orana Haven Hub Project is auspiced by Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation. The Project is dedicated to outreaching and servicing communities, large and small with an aim of providing ongoing & consistent holistic case management within community.Unique community-based responses to drug and alcohol issues have been developed in each location. Funded by Western NSW PHN and the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) we provide early intervention strategies to assist with reduction of Alcohol & Other Drug issues and abuse. Our hubs are located in Bourke, Brewarrina, Walgett and Forbes.

Contact Info

Phone: 02 6874 4983 or 02 6874 4886
Fax: 02 6874 4987

PO Box 165
Brewarrina NSW 2839

Contact Us


1 Byrock Rd, Gongolgon NSW 2839

Key People

Chief Executive Officer
Tracy Gordon

Ted Fernando

Vice Chair
Alistair Ferguson

Board Directors
Katrina Ward, Gary Peterson, Angelo Pippos, Loreen Coffee and Robyn Brown


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